Counseling for Trauma &
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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The long-lasting effects of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be felt in any aspect of a person’s life. Shilo Satran, recognizes the immense impact that trauma can have and are committed to providing you with the kind support and practical therapy possibilities you need to take back your life.

Virtual Trauma Therapy Services

Through virtual trauma therapy services, individuals can get expert care in the convenience and privacy of their own homes. We are qualified to offer a secure and caring setting where you can talk about your trauma, work through challenging feelings, and develop coping mechanisms to deal with life’s challenges.  We support you in finding strength and healing in the face of hardship with individualized treatment programs.

Trauma Therapist Portland Oregon

For those in need of assistance, contact a trauma therapist in Portland, Oregon, offers a professional and compassionate approach to treating trauma-related issues. I focus on building trust, safety, and empowerment while working with clients to heal symptoms of trauma, process difficult emotions, and develop practical coping strategies that are unique to your needs.

San Francisco Trauma Treatment

In San Francisco, trauma treatment is available to anyone who wishes to heal from past traumas. We provide a secure environment in which clients can reexamine their history, learn new coping skills, and work toward regaining a sense of well-being. Regardless of the issues you’re dealing with—including nightmares, emotional numbness, or flashbacks—we are here to help you find comfort and healing.

Online PTSD Therapy

Online PTSD therapy offers a thorough method of treating PTSD symptoms, enabling patients to get specialist care in the convenience of their own homes. We work with you to process traumatic memories, lessen upsetting symptoms, and enhance general functioning using evidence-based strategies.

We’re Here to Help

My goal at Shilo Satran is to treat you with kindness while respecting your individual needs and experiences. Because we firmly think that human connection has the capacity to heal and repair, we are dedicated to offering individualized treatment plans that will facilitate your road to recovery. Know that you’re not alone if you’re dealing with trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder. Please get in touch with us so that we can start the healing process together.

About Shilo Satran

My passion is to help people reach for their dreams. For some of us, life unfortunately became a struggle and we’ve forgotten how to dream. We have forgotten that dreaming is crucial to manifesting a better tomorrow. Let me help you remember your dream – or give life to new ones . . . and help you re-imagine your future.