Discover therapeutic solutions to your problems.

I’ve never engaged in conversation. I’m used to taking care of things by myself. Those who seek therapy are weak, don’t they?

Not at all. Asking for assistance shows bravery and self-awareness. During our meetings, I’ll support you in utilizing your abilities to successfully handle the obstacles in life.


What makes talking to you different from talking to my family or my best friend?

Although confiding in close relatives can be consoling, seeing a licensed therapist provides a different viewpoint and specialized knowledge. I’ll provide you with fresh perspectives, objective encouragement, and complete discretion to create a secure environment for learning.


Why don’t I just take my medicine?

While medication is a part of the answer, it is not the only way to address deeper causes.  We’ll explore your challenges, build on what you have achieved, and create individualized plans of action to help you achieve your goals with care.


How does it work?  How should I spend my sessions?

The goals of therapy are unique to you. Together, we will talk about your goals and create a strategy that works best for you.


How long does this process take?

The length of time varies according to personal circumstances and objectives. Your dedication and willingness to learn have an important impact on the timing.


My goal is to maximize my therapeutic benefits. How can I assist you?

Your involvement and dedication are crucial.  We’ll collaborate to achieve your objectives, encouraging significant advancement and individual growth.”


Men’s Therapy San Francisco

Shilo is an expert somatic therapist Bay Area California. In addition to offering somatic therapy and individualized treatment for life transitions San Francisco, Shilo offers private, in-depth counseling that is specifically catered to the needs of men in San Francisco. She is aware of the difficulties you could uniquely encounter and are here to help you as you pursue wellbeing and personal development.

About Shilo Satran

My passion is to help people reach for their dreams. For some of us, life unfortunately became a struggle and we’ve forgotten how to dream. We have forgotten that dreaming is crucial to manifesting a better tomorrow. Let me help you remember your dream – or give life to new ones . . . and help you re-imagine your future.